Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 1: Intro

Brembo GT information source

I've bought a set of Brembo GT brakes for my WRX and have spent some time acquiring information.
I decided to share what I found, to make life easier for those that buy these in the future.

My set is for the front only, with 328mm, 2-piece rotors and 4-piston calipers.
The calipers are radial mount with a bracket that is bolted to the upright, behind the hub.

The calipers are the Brembo A family. These can be used for smaller size rotors, upto 328mm. Below 328 the next size down are 1-piece rotors.

In the Tire Rack product page, these are shown as front-only system, designed to work ballanced with the OEM rear brakes. I thought I have seen a foot note in one of the many Brembo online catalogs I looked at recently that disagreed.

The 328mm fit no problem under my 18" Rota Formula.

The 2-piece rotors in the Brembo GT line-up are floating rotors. Yes, rotors can be of a floating type as well. Not all 2-piece are floating.

This means that the friction ring is attached to the hat with hardware that leaves some room for both axial and radial relative motion.

Some of the following information is first hand, from my installation, some is from Race Technologies, who are Brembo's US representative and some is from internet forums, especially BMW forums.
I'll note the last source, as it's not "confirmed".

Among advantages:
more even wear, lack of distortion of hat under severe heat/expansion, weight reduction,
reduction/elimination of knock-back (this from BMW forums).

A fact:
-The 328mm kit is lighter than the smallest WRX OEM 2002 front brakes.
The rotating mass reduction is over 2 lb/wheel. The caliper is noticeably lighter too.

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