Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 6: Brief review

My brief review of these:

-The OEM Ferodo pads are very very dusty
-They seem to begin working immediately, when I drive out of the carwash, the OEM needed 2 applications, with wet rotors.
- They make an oddball clunking/clamping noise when you reverse while parking (on the BMW forums someone compared it with kicking a full washing machine)
-The "added lightness" was imediately noticeable to me in acceleration. If you were to replace heavy Brembo OEM rotors, it should be even more noticeable
- I did not notice a severe front bias even with emergency brake testing with these. In dry weather, the ABS worked fine and my car has the ABS recall, the functionallity of the recall is preserved, I don't have that momentary loss of brakes, not even with these. I did not get the ABS to kick in in the rear anymore, but I haven't bled the rears in a while.

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