Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 2: Installation


The old calipers are mounted with the "bracket" outboard (bolt heads behind hub)

The Brembo bracket has to be mounted inboard, (bolt heads in front)

I've located a copy of the installation instructions here:

Now with this, the Brembo bracket will be the nut, it's aluminum and the factory torque for fastening the caliper to the upright needs to still apply.
Once I've confirmed this, I knew I have to use 59 ft lb, into an aluminum aloy piece.
The bracket is a bit weird. As you tread into it, it acts like threads may be tapered, the deeper you go, the more it locks the bolt. This is my observation, I was not able to confirm it.
I was however able to confirm the part number, which is printed nicely on it. It is the right one for my car. So whatever features they built, they meant them for my WRX.

The next thing is that the bracket is not symmetric.

You can see in the above picture that one side sticks out at the mounting points. This is how it needs to be installed.

The instructions have you remove the dust shield unless there is a 3mm rotor-shield clearance all around. In preparation to this, I've read the Subaru factory repair manual, that shows the shield not coming off unless the hub is pressed out of the upright, like for bearing replacement.

So I prepared to cut the shield out.

I found that my early '02 had a different shield, much smalled and it did not go full circle around the hub, it was half-moon style. I could have removed them, but with couple hammer blows, I've obtained the 3mm clearance and decided to keep them in place.

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