Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 4: What to look for, when purchasing used

What to look for, when buying these used:

-Be aware that even the most expensive Brembo calipers have an oddly low quality powder coating prep job.
What I mean is that the piston boots are "painted in" (powdercoated), just like the window moldings would be in a cheap car paint job.

I thought this surely means the calipers are refinished, then watched these videos on youtube.. Look around the outer rim of the boots, you can just peek inside the calipers.

-Many kits come on the market used with crossdrilled friction rings. When new, these holes have visible chamfer on them. When the chamfer is gone, the ring is most likely at minimum thickness.

-The brake pads for this kit are quite thick when new, 15mm. So they may seem to have a lot left, when you see them used, but may have only a quarter or less life left. OEM-Brembo pads are expensive, but there are other options available.

-If you have to replace the rings, with Brembo replacements and Brembo fastening hardware, you're spending in the $750-850 range....

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