Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 5: Spares

There is information available for the Brembo ring replacement procedure, Race Technologies has that.

One of these guys has posted on many forums. In one of the postings on a BMW forum, he noted that the installation hardware is designed to outlast the friction rings, but should be replaced at the time the rings are replaced.

The hardware comes with treadlocking compound already applied on its bolts and can be in the $100/wheel range, for just the fastening hardware, so you can replace the rings.

There are two cheaper sources for ring replacement.

One is Racing Brake, which provides a 330x28mm ring

This "may work" for 328x28mm applications, according to the site. It comes with its own hardware.
Important to know is that if you have the "old style" Brembo hat, you will need to have a lip machined inside the Brembo hat, to make these fit.

Another is Stoptech. they provide a 328x28mm replacement

My understanding is that the "new style" stoptech ring does not need the Brembo hat machining. This comes with its own hardware kit.

It is important to understand that the 3 options have 3 different installation methods. If you get the method wrong, you could be in danger of loosing your brakes.

Here is a site that has several of the installation instructions

In the past there have been problems with a hybrid rotor at the track. This has been debated a lot in BMW forums.

Here is a link to an older thread that discusses this.

My understanding is that the kit shown there has been changed and now requires no machining.

Here is some info about brake pad replacements:

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