Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brembo GT Information Source, Part 7: Influence of BB kits over ABS, misc info

I wanted to link here a Stoptech article about the influence of BBK on ABS.

Also, I had some incidents with front ABS kicking in early/too strong (it seemed). I still didn't bleed the rears yet. Also, there's something about reverse bleeding the front Brembos.

Some more info: The 328mm kit, as well as the 332 does not need the rear Brembo upgrade, for sure.
I'm talking about the 1A1.6010A and 1H1.7001A
Basically, although the front rotors are larger in diameter than the Sti Brembo front rotors, the pistons are such that the rear upgrade is not needed.
The Brembo gold caliper kit with one piece rotor, 326mm still needs the rear upgrade.
The rear brembo upgrade is quite similar with Sti rear brembos, with drum matching the rear WRX shoes and drilled rotor. It shows in the literature as being 1-2 lb lighter than the regular Sti rear rotor.

I know that the Sti rear brake upgrade for WRX is done these days with the 170mm drum rotor but this rotor is much heavier than the Sti rotor, so I don't think that the 170mm extra thick shoes is a bad option.

I still have what I perceive as a brake torque imballance, tried bleeding the rears, as well as checking tire pressure (OEM now), next, I will try setting the Tokico D-specs to allow more loading of the front brakes, for more braking tire grip and later ABS actuation.

I got info that under normal/spirited driving conditions the Brembo friction rings may last 40K miles, with Ferodo pads.

I think now that my ABS braking problem from medium speed may be a form of the ABS on road imperfections problem.
It feels different than before (before meaning back in the days before the Subaru ABS campaign, in '06)

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